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Fishbone illustrator
    Parma, Italy

    About me

    I am an italian-based illustrator who loves magic, pretty girls, nature, cats and tattooes.
    I am a 90s child, so I grew up with disney, pokémon, Harry Potter - I also have a huge crush with halloweeny(?) and macabre stuff.
    I mainly paint in photoshop and krita with my xp-pen artist 12, but I also enjoy every kind of traditional tool :D my faves are gouaches (&acrylics), pastels and watercolours.
    I started this page to have the chance to build a career with my art skills. I had, due to some issues with my family, to chose another path in life but I was very unhappy.
    I hope that with your support I'll be able to realize my dream and be a fulltime illustrator someday!