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SGS Architetti Associati

Simplicity and complexity need each other
  • Architectural and design company
Milano, Italy


In 2007 Luca Alessandro Amendola and Gianluca Geroli founded SGS Architetti Associati in Milan after different professional paths.
Two different formations - industrial design and design for fashion for Amendola, urban project and architecture applied to management for Geroli - converge to create something that is not the sum of the parts, but an unprecedented, born of a constant, mutual contamination.
An approach that has allowed each member to maintain their own identity and individuality while still bringing something new to common planning.

SGS aims to give shape to the visions and needs of its customers, mixing creativity, technical competence, constant attention to detail and partner selection.
Each project is considered as an opportunity to stimulate the interpretation of contemporaneity and openness to innovation, without ever losing sight of the quality of each design choice.
The studio manages and develops the different aspects of the design process such as the definition of the initial concept, the production of the final and executive technical documentation, the research of materials and finishes, the works management and the post-project assistance.
The activities of the study concern the different design scales and cover multiple sectors mainly in the private sphere: Residential - Commercial - Fittings