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    About me

    Hello. I am 'Yuki’, at least that is what my friends have been calling me like for years now. My real name is Dominique Marlier.
    I am a franco-german (bilingual/binational) artist, who was born in December 1995.
    Currently I am living in Germany (NRW).
    Starting in October 2015 until March 2019 I have studied Illustration- and Graphic Design at the Kölner Design Akademie in Cologne.

    Of course, art has always been a way to express myself. It is a place where I can be as vulnerable as I want, yet I also find it a wonderful way to communicate in a non-verbal way.
    It is beautiful to think that someone out there might be looking at your art and feel relieved by it. It is interesting to hear different interpretation of the same work from various people. This can be a painting, a movie, a book or even music. Art barely has limits.

    I love experimenting with various tools from traditional medium to digital medium.
    Even though for a long time my favourite mediums were ink and watercolours, currently I am more drawn to acrylics.

    I am always excited about making new experiences and learning new things, which means that I am open to any kind of opportunities.

    I draw and paint on almost everything. May it be paper, canvases, cardboard or fabric nothing can stop me.
    You are not bounded to my normal drawing style which means that I can adapt it to your needs.
    Again I am also open for new ideas and to try out new things.