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Space for People
  • Interior design firm
Bormio, Italy


Our mission is to create space for people.
We create with passion buildings and spaces that, through the purity of the shapes and the materials, can
express authentic materiality.
Animated by creativity and determination, we focus on every new project with the purpose of improving the
experience of our customers by providing them spaces beyond their expectations.
The authenticity of our projects is given both by a constant search for new technologies and by the
passionate experimentation in the unconventional use of traditional construction systems and materials.
Our portfolio, which includes houses, offices and retail spaces, is supported by a true interest in the way we
live and work today and we are pleased to solve design challenges through research, unconventional
thinking and careful control of the construction phase.
In renovation and restoration our perspective is based on the respect for historical architecture combined
with the use of playfulness and freshness of modern design.
Guided by the responsibility to provide high standards of quality that come from our workflow based on
experience, creativity, ethics, social conscience and sense of fun, we design unconventional architectural
solutions characterized by a durable quality, creating exciting and welcoming spaces that positively affect the
lives of our customers and meeting their aesthetic, functional and economic goals.
We consider our customers as partners in a collaborative process based on the continuous exchange of
information and encourage them to challenge their (and our) expectations, because it is only through this
kind of partnership that we will be able to realize unique projects.
When customers know exactly what they want, we understand their aspiration and we help them to achieve
it with our drawings.
When they seem less confident we guide them through the evolution of the project up to the identification
of their own style.
In both cases the result is the joy of a dream that comes true.
In order to collaborate with our customers in the drafting of important projects and ensure them a
personalized service characterized by the depth of expertise and a sophisticated design, our firm is outlined
as a group of dedicated and highly qualified professionals established through years of practice and including
technicians, craftsmen, artists and manufacturers who share the same vision: to create space for people.