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mondo arte maiani
    Roma, Italy

    About me

    Maiani Alexander
    Maiani Alessandro lives and works in Rome. From 2018 Maiani becomes a professional watercolourist.
    Maiani's painting is contemplation and an opportunity for reflection that communicates his evocative evolution of creation.
    The artist is mainly dedicated to the technique of watercolor because it allows him to highlight, in an essential way, more accentuated shades and an impressive brightness.
    Alessandro Maiani's painting is mainly marked by a continuous research on nature and man: the artist possesses great narrative and executive skills. The coloring is characteristic and makes his works of great visual impact.
    Alessandro Maiani is inspired by a great poetic vein that transforms his works into romantic depictions, the compositional scenes enhance the beauty of the landscape, of the human figure that crosses a journey through the present time and memory of the past.
    His works are exhibited in both personal and collective exhibitions and receive numerous reports and appreciations from an international audience.