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    Budapest, Hungary

    About me

    I'm Laszlo Sandor marquetry artist and I was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1975. I'm open to collaborating on projects with carpenters, furniture builders, interior designers, architects, and I can solve almost any subject with my unique shading technique, even with a photo-realistic result. It may be a wall, door, furniture surface or wall decoration.

    If I managed to intrigue you with the love of my craft, feel free to contact me directly, or submit a price inquiry.

    Wood Arts was born out of my love of marquetry, which I have inherited from my father. I think it's sad, that quality wood products are becoming increasingly rare in our everyday life, a trend that may spell the end of this historical craft. My goal is to revitalize and popularize marquetry as an artform, perhaps reintroducing it to our households once more.

    Nowadays, the used custom wood inlays equal to TRUE LUXURY. This technique was the privilege of the nobles in the Pharaonic era, and in the time of the Renaissance they could have been the few who paid for the painstaking and meticulous workmanship and the unrepeatable end result of the masterpieces. Each picture is made even more personal by how these materials react to the flow of time. The final pieces of art possesses an unique handcrafted quality that is unachievable by any other means.

    With the natural colour of exotic woods, images become an integral part of every home. With great care and the usage of carefully selected, quality materials, the end result is a unique, personal piece of wood art. This unique full handmade art technique requires a great investment of time. The artwork is created through many steps using raw materials and special tools. While the wood panels are hard, during the process of making they are prone to crack, bending only to the patience of a well trained craftsman. The special textures found in the exotic raw materials contribute a lot to the unique style.

    Thanks to the extraordinarily demanding workmanship and the unique shading technique, I have achieved many successes in recent years and my pictures are getting more and more places in the world. I try to look for new areas of use and to keep on renewing.